2nd May 2019

Getting Active: Specialist Travel Association Suggests Activity Holidays now more popular than Beach Holidays and Trekking more popular than Tennis…

The Specialist Travel Association (AITO) recent travel insights survey revealed that British holidaymakers appear to be getting much more active on holiday, as beach breaks move down from fourth position to fifth, being overtaken by wildlife holidays (fourth) and walking (third).

This shift is also being seen in the interest in outdoor activities generally in the UK. Leading sports retailer Decathlon recently published their ‘Activity Index’ which measures the activity interests of UK residents across all sports.

Of note in the index was the sports schoolchildren undertook in the October 2018 half term. Whilst ‘traditional’ sports such as swimming and football led the table, running, cycling and hiking made up 3 of the top 6 paces, ahead of more typical popular sports in the UK including tennis and rugby.

Top 10 Sports, UK October Half-Term 2018 

  1.  Swimming – 43%
  2. Football – 35%
  3. Fitness – 24%
  4. Running – 21%
  5. Cycling – 20%
  6. Hiking/Trekking – 8%
  7. Tennis – 8%
  8. Skiing/Snowboarding – 7%
  9. Camping – 6%
  10. Rugby – 6%