2nd May 2019

Family Holidays to the Beach or the Mountains? Why not both?!

Images courtesy of Inghams

What makes the perfect family summer holiday? For years any combination of sun, sea and sand has been the staple mix, but is this changing?

Worries about childhood inactivity and even obesity is leading to many families looking for a more active type of summer holiday. And the desire (at least of the parents) to unwind and ‘unplug’ from modern life is also a key factor. But if kids are going to be persuaded to put down their devices, their needs to be some compelling alternatives available.

And ultimately any holiday needs to be at least in part about relaxation. If every day brings another new activity to master, it can be and enjoyable but ultimately exhausting experience for parents and children alike.

So if two weeks by a pool or on a beach is too sedentary, and an action packed mountain break is too much, what’s the answer? Simple, do both!

The average length of a family summer holiday is still around two weeks when going abroad. And two weeks is a long time…so why not combine beach and mountain time in one?

There are plenty of places in the world that offer beach and mountains in close proximity. South of France and the Alps, the Italian coast and the Dolomites. Croatia has amazing beaches and equally stunning mountain regions. British Columbia in Canada offers beaches, city culture and mountains all within a couple of hours. And then there’s the Spanish Costa del Sol and the wonderful Sierra Nevada, the list goes on!

Combining a beach holidays with a mountain activity holiday provides something for everyone, parents, teenagers, younger children even toddlers can now get involved, after all they’ve probably been skiing in the winter already…

The twin-centre family summer holiday has the potential to explode as a sector in the next few years, fuelled by the growing desire for more activity based family fun, but a need to relax and unwind, and keep all members of the family happy. Whilst it’s easy enough to self-package this type of break, very few organised products exist. An opportunity for beach and mountain operators to combine their expertise and offer the ultimate family summer break? We certainly think so…

Kids love the mountains in summer as much as the winter…